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Hi homies! Udah pernah dengar tentang to infinitive belum? Kalau belum, yuk kita simak apa itu to infinitive.

Jadi to infinitive adalah “to + V1”, dan fungsinya adalah sebagai kata benda. Di dalam sebuah kalimat fungsi to infinitive adalah:

  1. Menyatakan tujuan (goal)


  • The study hard to pass the test
  • I come here to meet my friends
  • I called to get some information
  1. Setelah adjective (kata sifat)


  • I am happy to receive the gift
  • It is impolite to interrupt others
  • The new application is easy to use
  1. Setelah WH question


  • I don’t know how to answer the question
  • He told me what to do
  • Don’t worry! He will tell me where to go
  1. Setelah kata kerja tertentu


  • He decided to work after graduating from vocational high school
  • They promise to come early next time.
  • I want to take English lesson as soon as possible.

Daftar Kata Kerja Yang di ikuti oleh to infinitive:

  • Afford                         
  • Agree                  
  • Appear             
  • Ask                     
  • Choose
  • Consent
  • Decide                 
  • Demand
  • Deserve
  • Expect                         
  • Fail
  • Hope                   
  • Intend                 
  • Need                           
  • Offer               
  • Plan                     
  • Pretend           
  • Promise               
  • Refuse             
  • Seem               
  • Want                           
  • Wish
  • Would Like                  

Beberapa kata kerja diikuti oleh noun/pronoun terlebih dahulu (S + Verb + noun/pronoun + to infinitive).


  • He advised me to go home early
  • I ask him to go to the market with me
  • She forced me to pay the bill

Kata kerja yang biasa digunakan (S + verb + noun/pronoun + to infinitive):

Tell                                   warn                            teach

Advice                             require                         forbid

Encourage                      order                            get

Remind                            force                            persuade

Invite                                challenge                     see

Permit                              command       

Allow                                enable             



#1. My father advised me … a doctor as soon as possible

#2. My mother pretended … angry.

#3. The teacher permitted me … early.

#4. The society force the government … decisions toward some problems

#5. She told me where … many antique stuff.

#6. It seems easy … everything through google

#7. Many people really try hard … sugar, and do not sweeten their tea or coffee, yet they craft sugar in some other form

#8. Not all people can afford … in a big city like New York

#9. A number of visitors of the zoo are warned … the animals for several health reasons

#10. My mother reminds me …my homework.


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