Talking about Current Activities

Learning Objectives:

Students are able to speak and response statements and questions related to current activity.

Keterangan yang biasa di gunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang sedang dilakukan:

  • Now
  • Right Now
  • At the moment
  • At this time 
  • At present
  • Today
  • Currently

Talking about current activity (berbicara tentang kegiatan yang sedang dilakukan):

  1. I am brushing my teeth right now. (Saya sedang menyikat gigi sekarang)
  2. We are having dinner in a fancy restaurant now. (Kami sedang makan malam di restoran mewah sekarang)
  3. My father is not working now. (Ayah saya tidak sedang bekerja sekarang.)
  4. She is surfing the net at the moment. (Dia sedang berselancar di internet saat ini)
  5. My grandmother watering the plant at this time. (Nenek saya sedang menyiram tanaman saat ini.)
  6. I am not crying. (Saya tidak sedang menangis)
  7. Karina and Devon are taking picture now. (Karina dan Devon sedang berfoto sekarang.)
  8. They are not talking about me. (Mereka tidak sedang membicarakan ku.)

Asking about current activity (Bertanya tentang kegiatan yang sedang dilakukan):

  1. What is he doing now?

(Apa yang sedang dia lakukan sekarang?)


She is listening to the music now.

(Saya sedang mendengar musik sekarang)

  1. What are you wearing?

(Apa yang sedang kamu kenakan?)


I am wearing T-shirt and shorts.

(Saya mengenakan kaos dan celana pendek)

  1. What movie is she watching now?

(Film apa yang dia tonton sekarang?)


She is watching ‘Fast X’.

(Dia sedang menonton ‘Fast X’.)

  1. Are they sitting on a chair now?

(Apakah mereka duduk di kursi sekarang?)


No, they aren’t. they are standing.

  1. Is she eating fried chicken?

(apakah dia makan ayam goreng?)


Yes, she is.


Please answer the question below!

  1. What are you thinking about?
  2. Are you reading anything interesting at the moment?
  3. What is happening in the room around you?
  4. Why are you learning English?
  5. How are you feeling right now?

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