Learning objectives:

  1. Review about greeting and introduction
  2. Review about asking question
  3. Review talking about daily activity
  4. Review talking about current activity
  1. Greeting and Introduction



When we meet someone we say:

– Good morning

– Good afternoon

– Good day

– Good evening

When we leave we say:

– See you

– See you again

– See you later

– see you tomorrow

– good night

For asking condition we use:

– How are you?

– How are you doing?

– How is it going?

– How is life?



– I am very well, thank you

– I am good

– Feeling great

– Not bad

– Not very well 

Asking about someone name:

– What is your name?

– What’s your name?

– How can I call you?

– What’s your name, please?


 – My name is Areya Bagaskara

 – Please call me Reya

 – You can call me Reya

 – Call me Reya

Asking about someone address:

– Where do you live?

– Do you live around here?

– Do you live in this town? and where?


– I live in Pekanbaru

 – I live on Terubuk Street

– I live at 6A, Terubuk street.

Asking about someone origin:

– Where do you come from?

– Where are you from?

– Are you from here?

– Where are you originally from?


– I am from West Sumatera

– I am originally from West Sumatera

– I was born in West Sumatera, so I am from West Sumatera

Asking about someone hobby:

– What’s your hobby?

– What do you like to do in your spare time?


 – My hobby is dancing

 – my hobbies are singing and dancing

 – I enjoy cooking

 – I like reading a book

 – I love traveling

  1. Review about asking question

Yes/no Question

Yes/no Question of Simple Present

Do you like learning English?

 Answer : Yes I do/ No, I don’t

– Are you good in speaking English?

 Answer: Yes, I am/ No, I am not

Yes/no question of present continuous

Are you writing a novel now?

 Answer: Yes, I am/ No, I am not

– Is she cooking dinner at the moment?

 Answer: Yes, she is/ No, she is not

Yes/no question of simple future

– Will you play game online with us?

  Answer: Yes, I will/ No, I won’t

– Are they going to take English lesson next semester?

  Answer: Yes, they are/ No, they aren’t

Yes/no question of Simple Past

– Did you sweep the floor yesterday?

 Answer: Yes, I did/ No, I didn’t

– Were they late?

  Answer: Yes, they were/ No, they weren’t

Yes/no question of Present Perfect

– Have you done your homework?

 Answer: Yes, I have/ No, I haven’t

– Has Charlie admitted his mistake?

 Answer: Yes, he has/ No, he hasn’t

WH Question:

WH Question of Simple Present

– What kind of movie do you like?

  Answer: I like action movie

– How old are you?

  Answer: I am 14 years old

WH question of present continuous

Who are you talking to?

  Answer: I am talking to my best friend

– What are you doing right now?

  Answer: I am scrolling tik tok now.

WH question of simple future

– What will you do after class?

  Answer: I don’t know, maybe I will do some exercise .

– Where are you going to spend your holiday next semester?

  Answer: I am going to go to Seoul.

WH question of Simple Past

– What did you do yesterday evening?

  Answer: I help my mother do  housework.

– Where was he last night?

  Answer: he was at his grandma’s house last night.

WH question of Present Perfect

– What city have you gone recently?

  Answer: I have gone to Padang.

– How long has she been here?

  Answer: She has been here for an hour.

  1. Review talking about daily activity

Talking about daily activity

– We get home at 4 o’clock every day

– She does the laundry every Sunday

– He doesn’t walk his dog every morning

– I don’t drive to work

– She climbs the mountain once a month

Asking about daily activity

– Do you go to school by bus?

 Answer: Yes, I do/ No, I don’t

– Does She get perfect score in English test?

  Answer: Yes, she does/ No, she doesn’t

– What kind of food does Sheila like?

  Answer: She likes spicy food

– Where do they work?

  Answer: They work in a big company

  1. Review talking about current activity

Talking about current activity

– They are trying to memorize English vocabulary

– I am not feeling well due to a stomachache.

– My cat is running now

– She is singing in the shower

– We aren’t looking at you

Asking about current activity

– Are they buying some ice cream?

 Answer: Yes, they are/ No, they aren’t

– Who is Speaking loudly?

 Answer: Amy is speaking loudly.

– What is she watching?

  Answer: She is watching TV show.

– Is she cooking for diner?

  Answer: Yes, She is/ No, she isn’t 


Please answer this question!

  1. What is your best friend name?
  2. Where do your parents come from?
  3. What is your brother hobby?
  4. What food does your sister like?
  5. Where time do you go to sleep?
  6. Who is your English teacher?
  7. When is your birthday?
  8. Do you usually wake up early?
  9. Are you reviewing the lesson after class?
  10. When are you studying English?
  11. What are you doing right now?
  12. Who are you talking to?

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