Apa sih yang di maksud dengan Gerund?

Gerund adalah kata kerja (verb) yang ditambahkan akhiran ing. Sebagai contoh “singing is my hobby”. singing terbentuk dari kata kerja ‘sing’ yang di tambahkan akhiran ing. fungsi dari Gerund adalah sebagai kata benda (noun) di dalam sebuah kalimat. 

Nah! Setelah mengetahui apa itu gerund, yuk kita lihat bagaimana fungsi gerund dalam sebuah kalimat!

  1. Gerund sebagai subject


sitting between the girls makes him feel comfortable

Jogging for thirty minutes every day helps you lose weight

  1. Gerund sebagai object of preposition(gerund terletak setelah preposisi)


– I am thinking about joining English conversation class.

– I learn English by listening to the music.

Beberapa contoh preposisi yang di ikuti oleh gerund:

  • On – with – by
  • In – from – after
  • At – for – before, etc.
  • Of – without
  • Off – about
  1. Gerund setelah possesive (kepunyaan)


– I wait for your attending my class

Her entering the manager’s room without any permission has made him upset

Kata ganti kepunyaan yg biasa diikuti gerund adalah:

– My – its

– Your – their

– His – our


  1. Gerund sebagai direct object (mengikuti kata kerja tertentu)


– She postponed going to the beach because of the weather.

– I enjoy baking a cake every weekend.

Daftar kata kerja yang di ikuti oleh gerund:

– Enjoy – avoid – discuss – be used to – regret

– Appreciate – postpone – mention – complete – risk

– Mind – delay – suggest – deny – understand

– Quit – keep – fancy – look forward to – be accustomed to

– Finish – consider – admit – practice – object to




#1. We went for a walk after we finished … up the kitchen.

#2. Instead of …, Margaret went to a ball game with some friend.

#3. Rindy is really good at … . our teacher always asks her to sing at school festival.

#4. We were all happy about … our wedding anniversary in Bali.

#5. They are used … up at 5 O’clock every morning.

#6. My brother keeps … about our family problem.

#7. He enjoys … the wall.

#8. Bill apologize for … us.

#9. I am interesting in … English.

#10. My uncle is coming next month. I’m really looking forward to … him.



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