Gimana sih cara menggunakan Some, Any, and No Article?

Kita mungkin sering menggunakan some, any, dan no yang berperan sebagai quantifier di beberapa waktu, namun tetap bingung dengan cara menggunakannya. Kali ini, kita akan membahas mengenai apa saja yang membuat tiap quantifier tersebut berbeda dan bagaimana cara meletakannya ke dalam sebuah kalimat.

Penggunaan ketiga quantifier tersebut dapat diletakkan sebelum plural countable noun maupun uncountable noun. Mari kita lihat contoh dari tiap quantifier di bawah ini!


dapat digunakan pada kalimat yang menunjukkan suatu benda dengan jumlah tertentu namun kita tak tahu jumlah pasti atau tak ingin menyebutkan jumlahnya:

  1. Affirmative uncountable
  2. There is some water.
  3. I saw some water spilled on the table.
  4. You can find some money in my wallet.
  5. She has some pieces of advice for you.
  6. They have some good news for you.


  1. Affirmative countable
  2. There are some chairs in the classroom.
  3. The city has some tourist attractions.
  4. I have some candies in my hand.
  5. You might see some pens in the jar.
  6. He tries some routes to go home.


dapat digunakan pada kalimat yang memiliki negation serta kalimat tanya:

  1. Negative uncountable
  2. There is not any cheese in the fridge.
  3. I cannot taste any salt in this soup.
  4. She has not been able to find any meat today.
  5. They are not trying to make any cheese at the moment.
  6. You do not like any milk in your coffee.


  1. Negative countable
  2. There are not any cars in the garage.
  3. He is not eating any grapes, but apples right now.
  4. We like to eat any kind of apple.
  5. I do not have any red clothes.
  6. It is not that hard to make decisions.


  1. Interrogative uncountable
  2. Do you think any paper can make money?
  3. Is there any apple juice left?
  4. Will she find any hope in the future?
  5. Can we put any spices in the food?
  6. Did you see any coffee in my bag?


  1. Interrogative countable
  2. Can you see any cookies on the plate?
  3. Do they have any pens?
  4. Are there any oranges?
  5. Did she eat any eggs yesterday?
  6. Do I look like eating any fries now?

No article

Pada kali ini, ‘no article’ digunakan ketika kita tidak memikirkan tentang jumlah pasti dan ketika kita mengkategorikan benda daripada jumlahnya.

  1. They need water to mix the flour with the eggs.
  2. Would you like some tea?
  3. I ate beans’ soup.
  4. She wants grapes as snacks.
  5. Do you love cheese?



#1. Are there ……. people at all at the bus stop?

#2. I’d like …… take next week off when I move house.

#3. There’s ….. coffee left; could you get some while you’re out?

#4. I must get to the bank because I haven’t got …… money for the weekend

#5. Could I have ……. more tea, please?

#6. When we got to the cinema, there weren’t ……. tickets left

#7. The shop had ……. milk

#8. You shouldn’t take ……. medicine without reading the information first

#9. I’ll have to get my TV fixed as I’ve been having ……. problems with it

#10. I can’t find … the cassettes I want to hear, not one of them


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