Conditional Sentences

Dalam Bahasa Indonesia, conditional sentence juga bisa disebut sebagai kalimat pengandaian.

Sesuai dengan namanya, kalimat ini belum terjadi atau belum terlaksana karena masih berandai-andai saja. Namun, perlu kamu ketahui bahwa conditional sentence ternyata memiliki beberapa tipe yang kondisinya ternyata berbeda-beda, yaitu tipe 0, 1, 2 dan 3.

Zero Conditionals

Tense: Present tense in both clauses


Present tense ~ present tense

If you heat water to 100°C, it boils.

If you pour oil into water, it floats


  • Membicarakan tentang fakta

If you heat ice, it turns to water

  • Membicarakan tentang kebiasaan

If I see a spider, I get very scared!

First Conditionals


Future tense, Present Tense

Present tense, Future Tense

If I feel sick tomorrow, I will not go to school.

If it rains, the match will be cancelled.


  • Membicarakan tentang kemungkinan masa depan.

If the weather is as sunny tomorrow as it was today, we will go surfing.

  • Untuk membuat janji atau peringatan

If you forget my birthday, I’ll never speak to you again.

Second Conditionals


would + an infinitive(V1), Past Tense

Past tense, would + an infinitive(V1)


If he were a bird, he would fly across the harbour.

If I had $200,000 now, I would buy a car.


  • Untuk berbicara tentang situasi sekarang dan masa depan yang tidak mungkin terjadi.

If I had any money I would lend it to you.

If I were you I wouldn’t do this.


Were is often used instead of was in the 1st (I) and 3rd person (He, She, It)  singular

Third Conditionals


Would Have + Past Participle, Past Perfect Tense

Past perfect, Would Have + Past Participle

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the camera yesterday.

If I had come home earlier, I would not have missed the programme.


  • Untuk berbicara tentang peristiwa masa lalu yang mustahil terjadi

If they’d gone by bus, they would have arrived much later.

(Nyatanya mereka pergi tidak dengan bus)

He would have travelled around the world if he had had more money.

(Nyatanya dia gak mempunyai uang yang lebih)



#1. If Caroline and Sue prepare the salad, Phil _____ the house.

#2. If Sue cuts the onions for the salad, Caroline _____ the mushrooms

#3. Jane will hoover the sitting room if Aaron and Tim _____ the furniture.

#4. If Bob tidies up the kitchen, Anita _____ the toilet.

#5. If I played the lottery, I _____ a chance to hit the jackpot

#6. If I hit the jackpot, I _____ rich.

#7. If I _____ rich, my life would change completely.

#8. If the midfielders _____ the ball more exactly, our team would have had more chances to attack.

#9. Their motivation _____ if they had kicked a goal during the first half.

#10. If the forwards _____ faster, they would have scored more goals.



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