Apa itu Phrasal Verb?


            Phrasal verb adalah gabungan dari kata kerja biasa (Normal verb) dengan kata keterangan (adverb) atau kata depan (preposition) yang membentuk phrasal verb dan mempunyai arti yang baru. Sebagai contoh get up yang berarti bangun memiliki arti yang berbeda dengan get dan up. Karena itu phrasal verb bisa saja membuat kita bingung karena definisinya yang tidak selalu mudah ditebak. Karena phrasal verb tidak hanya digunakan di dalam tes TOEFL tapi juga percakapan bahasa inggris, jadi ada baiknya nih homies kita mengetahui contoh – contoh dari phrasal verb.


Contoh dari Phrasal Verb

Phrasal Verb



Ask out

Invite on a date

He is too shy to ask her out

Ask around

ask many people the same


I asked around but nobody

has seen my wallet.

add up to

To make total amount of something

Your purchases add up to


Back up

To support somebody/something

– I will back you up if they don’t believe you.

– the writer doesn’t back up his opinions with examples.

blow up



The racing car blew up after it

crashed into the fence.

Break down

Stop working especially in reference to machines.

Our car broke down at the

side of the highway in the


break in

To enter a building by force

Somebody broke in last night

and stole our stereo.

Break up

end a relationship

My boyfriend and I broke up

before I moved to America.

bring someone down


To make someone unhappy

This sad music is bringing me


Call around

To contact multiple people

We called around but we

weren’t able to find the car part

we needed.

call someone back


return a phone call


I called the company back but

the offices were closed for the


call something off


To cancel a planned event

Jason called the wedding off

because he wasn’t in love with

his fiance.

call on someone


visit someone


We called on you last night

but you weren’t home.

calm down


relax after being angry


You are still mad. You need to

calm down before you drive

the car.

check out


leave a hotel


You have to check out of the

hotel before 11:00 AM.

check someone/something out


look at carefully, investigate


The company checks out all

new employees


cheer up


become happier


She cheered up when she

heard the good news.

cheer someone up


To make someone happy, especially if they were previously sad.

I brought you some flowers to

cheer you up.

clean something up


tidy, clean


Please clean up your bedroom

before you go outside.

come across something

find unexpectedly


I came across these old photos

when I was tidying the closet

come apart

To break into pieces

The book just come apart in my hand

come between

To interfere with a relationship between two people

After more than fifty years of partnership, nothing could come between them.

dress up


wear nice clothing


It’s a fancy restaurant so we

have to dress


drop back


move back in a position/group


Andrea dropped back to third

place when she fell off her


drop out


quit a class, school, etc


I dropped out of Science

because it was too difficult.

eat out


eat at a restaurant


I don’t feel like cooking

tonight. Let’s eat out.

end up


eventually reach/do/decide


We ended up renting a movie

instead of going to the theatre.

fall apart


break into pieces


My new dress fell apart in the

washing machine.

fall down


fall to the ground


The picture that you hung up

last night fell down this


fall out


separate from an interior


The money must have fallen

out of my pocket.

figure something out


understand, find the answer


I need to figure out how to fit

the piano and the bookshelf in

this room.

find out




We don’t know where he lives.

How can we find out?

get along/on


like each other


I was surprised how well my

new girlfriend and my sister

got along/on.

get away


go on a vacation


We worked so hard this year

that we had to get away for a


get back




We got back from our

vacation last week.

get together


meet (usually for social



Let’s get together for a BBQ

this weekend.

get up


get out of bed


I got up early today to study

for my exam.

give in


reluctantly stop fighting or



My boyfriend didn’t want to go

to the ballet, but he finally

gave in.

give up


stop trying


My maths homework was too

difficult so I gave up.

go after someone


follow someone


My brother tried to go after

the thief in his car.

go ahead


start, proceed


Please go ahead and eat before

the food gets cold.

go back

return to a place


I have to go back home and

get my lunch.

hand something down

give something used to

someone else

I handed my old comic books

down to my little cousin.

hang in

stay positive (N.Amer.,


Hang in there. I’m sure you’ll

find a job very soon.

hang on


wait a short time (informal)


Hang on while I grab my coat

and shoes!

hang up


end a phone call


He didn’t say goodbye before

he hung up.

hold on


wait a short time


Please hold on while I transfer

you to the Sales Department.

keep something up


continue at the same rate


If you keep those results up

you will get into a great


let someone down


fail to support or help,


I need you to be on time. Don’t

let me down this time.

let someone in


allow to enter


Can you let the cat in before

you go to school?

look after someone/something

take care of


I have to look after my sick


look down on someone


think less of, consider inferior


Ever since we stole that

chocolate bar your dad has

looked down on me.

look forward to something


be excited about the future


I’m looking forward to the

Lebaran break.





#1. Stop trying

#2. End a phone call

#3. Be excited about the future

#4. Break into pieces

#5. Like each other

#6. Meet (usually for social reasons)

#7. Invite on a date

#8. Stop working especially in reference to machine

#9. Allow to enter

#10. Become happier



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