Apa Itu Adverb of Manner?

Hello homies! Kali ini kita akan membahas tentang adverb of manner. Sebelum kita membahas tentang adverb of manner, udah pada tau apa yang dimaksud dengan adverb belum? Jadi adverb itu adalah kata keterangan ya homies. Lalu apakah itu adverb of manner? Adverb of manner adalah kata keterangan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan bagaimana cara sebuah kegiatan dilakukan. Sebagai contoh ‘ saya bisa berbahasa inggris dengan lancar’ maka dalam bahasa inggris menjadi ‘ I can speak English fluently’. “fluently” adalah salah satu contoh dari adverb of manner.

Pembentukan Adverb of Manner

            Setelah mengetahui pengertiannya mari kita lihat bagaimana pembentukan dari adverb of manner ya homies. So, adverb of manner di bentuk dari adjective (kata sifat) yang ditambah kan akhiran -ly.

Aturan pembentukan


Adverb of manner

Hanya ditambahkan -ly

– cheap

– quick

– strong

– cheaply

– quickly

– strongly

Adjective berakhiran -y didahului oleh huruf konsonan, maka -y diganti menjadi I sebelum akhiran -ly

– happy

– easy

– busy

– hungry

– lazy



– shy

– sly

– happily

– easily

– busily

– hungrily




– shyly

– slyly

Adjective berakhiran -y didahului oleh huruf vokal, hanya ditambahkan akhiran -ly

– coy

– grey

– coyly

– greyly

Frequency adverbs

– Frequent

– general

– rare

– usual

– frequently

– generally

– rarely

– usually

Connecting adverbs

– consequent

– subsequent

– consequently

– subsequently

Adjective dan adverb punya pola yang sama

– fast

– hard

– little

– loud

– much

– straight

– fast

– hard

– little

– loud (informal)

– much

– straight

Irregular adverb

– good

– well

Jika adjective berakhiran -le, ganti -e di akhir menjadi -y

– understandable

– forcible

– possible

– understandably

– forcibly

– possibly

Jika adjective berakhiran -ic, tambahkan -ally di akhir menjadi -y

– idiotic

– tragic

– basic



– public

– idiotically

– tragically

– basically



– publicly


Rumus Adverb of Manner

  1. Setelah main verb jika tidak ada direct object.


He walks slowly (dia bejalan dengan lambat)


  1. Setelah main verb + object (transitive verb).


Andi can speak English fluently (Andi bisa berbicara bahasa inggris dengan lancar)


  1. Diantara auxiliary verb dan main verb.

Example: Things will slowly come together (segalanya akan secara perlahan membaik)


Contoh Kalimat Adverb of Manner

  • he ran quickly.
  • The English teacher spoke slowly.
  • The audience laugh loudly.
  • Please speak quietly when you are in the library.
  • Kelly drives carefully
  • The boy asked politely for more candy.
  • Please move calmly towards the exit.
  • The student sat there silently waiting for the class to start.
  • The student answered all question correctly.
  • Please drive home safely.
  • I asked him repeatedly, but he didn’t answer.
  • Chris successfully completed the London marathon.
  • My flight was delayed unexpectedly
  • Everything went smoothly at the interview today.


Adverb of Manner (24 downloads)



#1. When you see the teacher, make sure you ask her … if you can go home early

#2. I think if I study …, I will pass the exam

#3. Robert … passed the exam. He had no problems.

#4. I did the exam … . I’m sure I failed.

#5. You are driving too … . Please, slow down!

#6. Rachel explained very … what she was doing

#7. Mary was … absorbed in her thought

#8. Elliot always argues ____

#9. Scott waited … for his girlfriend to finish

#10. She was late so she had to dress …



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